A girl from Baki's school/ girlfriend, her mother is Baki's landlord. Her father fought and died in the Underground arena. She cares deeply for Baki, but denies when asked. She is dissilusioned by Baki's violent life as an Underground fighter and begs him several times to quit. Though she still disapproves, Kozue better understands Baki's resolve after visiting Emi's grave site. After Baki's first tournament match, he reveals that he cares for Kozue. She became his love interest in 'Search for Our Strongest Hero', and makes love with him just before his fight with Yanagi, allowing Baki to become a "full man". She became also the love interest of Ali Jr., and despite loving Baki, she develops a cheerful relationship with him. Kozue makes a brief appearance in the Son of Ogre series, after Baki's fight with Pickle. She walks Baki to school while reminiscing about Baki's fight with Ali Jr. In the final fight between Baki and Yujiro, Yujiro approves her of being Baki's lover and thanking her for making him strong.

Kozue Matsumoto
Kozue Matsumoto
Matumoto Kozue (松本梢江)
Debut (Manga):
Debut (Anime): Champion
Seiyū: Sachiko Kojima

Yumi Touma (OVA)

Voice actor:
Nationality: Japanese
Gender: Female
Blood type: